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cat: places paw tentatively on boob
me: please–
cat: presses paw down on boob
me: don’t–
cat: slowly, agonizingly walks across boobs

“anxiety isn’t a real disorder, you’re just shy” 











Today in Racist Fuckery (10.7.16): These assholes will show out when they think there’s no one around to check them. Let’s see how many “Darren Wilsons” will turn up for #FergusonOctober. We ready. #staywoke #farfromover

Comments include “Let’s go Darren [Wilson, the officer who killed Brown],” “DAR-REN WIL-SON,” “We’re the ones who fuckin’ gave all y’all the freedoms that you have,” and “Pull up your pants.”

Gave us freedom.. Like they weren’t the ones who took them away in the first place.

Not shocked tbh

I’mma be called a racist, but actually, the eupropians/americans were not the ones that took away the freedom of your ancestors originally, It was their own tribesmen back in africa who sold them to the “slavers”

What kind of White Devil revisionist history are you on right now? First off, you cannot take away or give someone their “freedom.” You can falsely capture/entrap/kidnap, but a human being is not born a slave. Slavery is a human construct that assumes ownership of something that cannot be owned beyond a false-philosophical notion. Culture and society can enslave you, can corrupt your notion of your own freedom, but they cannot intrinsically remove what is true— a human being is born free. What your white brothers and sisters did was define Africans as sub-humans/animals, which is how they psychologically justified their evil. It was savage and unique from even the previous conceptions of slavery, and a part of a larger imperialist aim to eradicate non-whiteness from the planet. Now as for their “tribesman” anybody can fucking wiki the history of the transamerican slave trade and see that yes, some COLONIZED black folks tried to buy into the system of imperialism for their own gain. They were not the primary facilitators of slavery, but how in the world are you putting complete onus on that selling from Africa and not those buying and trading humans like chattel?! That’s like blaming the prostitute and removing guilt and exploitation from the john or the pimp.

Yeah… I just can’t with this white supremacist foolishness. 

white peiplr make me fuckibg sick


Me: She identifies as a girl. So she's a girl.
Friend: But she's really a
Me: No stop
In love with my new tattoo

In love with my new tattoo